Monday, April 15, 2019

SuperMicro - Control Fan Speed via IPMICFG (Command Line)


Need to change the fan speed for SuperMicro servers.


  1. Download and extract IPMICFG on the target server
  1. Open CMD prompt as ADMIN
  2. Change Directory to the extracted folder, and drill down to the Windows\64bit folder
    1. EXAMPLE: cd c:\ADMIN\Installs\IPMICFG_1.29.0_build.181029\Windows\64bit\
  3. To view the current Fan Profile
    1. RUN: IPMICFG-Win.exe -fan 
  4. To change the current Fan Profile
    1. RUN: IPMICFG-Win.exe -fan x
      1. x can equal one of the following:
        1. 0 for Standard (BMC control of both fan zones, with CPU zone based on CPU temp (target speed 50%) and Peripheral zone based on PCH temp (target speed 50%))
        2. 1  for Full (all fans running at 100%)
        3. 3 for PUE2 Optimal (BMC control of the CPU zone (target speed 30%), with Peripheral zone fixed at low speed (fixed ~30%))
        4. 4 for Heavy IO (BMC control of CPU zone (target speed 50%), Peripheral zone fixed at 75%)
      2. EXAMPLE: To set fans to Standard
        1. RUN: IPMICFG-Win.exe -fan 0


IMPICFG_UserGuide.pdf (in the zip downloaded in step 1a)